The Vote!

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Aspire Students Keep up with Current Affairs …

Years 12 and 13 ‘voted’ in a mock election this week after researching Republican and Democratic policies. Voters were asked to disregard any personality issues.

On the issues, our young voters would have overwhelmingly elected a Democratic president. Their main areas of policy concern were the environment, equality and social justice, immigration and a progressive taxation system.

Year 13 also looked at President Anastasiades’ policies and felt he was a social democrat but with strong conservative leanings. Opinion was therefore divided on whether he was a ‘Democrat’ or a ‘Republican’ in American terms. Our young voters were swayed by his party’s position on reunification, adoption of EU regulations and receptiveness to immigration and technology jobs. He was very narrowly deemed to be just on the Democratic side of the divide.

Please note ‘not all votes have been counted …’


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November 6, 2020