At ASPIRE Private British School we have adopted the following aims and values that we believe encourage a positive, stimulating and inspiring ethos throughout our learning community:

  • To provide an excellent and caring learning environment where students feel inspired to develop aspirations for their future.
  • To ensure enthusiasm and vitality continue on a daily basis through interactive and vibrant teaching methods.
  • To encourage a positive learning environment while insisting on exceptional standards in both work and student behaviour.
  • To develop a respectful community environment based
    on the simple rule, ‘Treat others as you wish to be treated yourself’

  • To recognise, identify and highlight students’ talents and strengths whilst nurturing specific areas for development.

  • To enable every child to look back on their educational experience positively and feel that they have reached their full potential.

Private British School ASPIRE

The ethos of ASPIRE Private British School is promoted in various ways including:

  • Excellent teaching standards
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Student Awards
  • Competitive House system
  • Displaying exceptional work
  • Celebrating achievement