Reflect Tech Festival

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On Thursday 21st September, Aspire Private British School Computer Science students attended the Reflect Festival in Limassol. Students from Year 13 volunteered to support and help with the smooth procedure ensuring everybody was allocated the correct tickets and were guided in the right directions in the massive event that took place.

The event was set in the heart of Limassol within the Old Town as the students and Cyprus itself embraced this new wave of technology with open arms. As well as being part of the core organisation of the event, the students were also able to witness some incredible start-up stories, meet talented individuals and further indulge in their personal  interests by directly asking founders and venture capitalists about their experiences. They were involved in further conversing to develop critical thinking and analytics of their future ideas.

Overall the Reflect festival was a great success which brought awareness to the more digital and entrepreneurial instincts of everyone who attended.

Aspire Private British School Paphos Cyprus - IMG 0192

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September 27, 2023