A Typical Day in the Seniors

A wide and balanced curriculum provides our Senior School students with the perfect foundation for their first three years which constitutes their Key Stage 3 Senior studies. Science is delivered as Biology, Chemistry and Physics whilst English, Mathematics and Greek are delivered in streamed sets to cater for each child’s ability across the curriculum.

Once students reach Key Stage 4 in the Seniors, they make subject choices for IGCSE qualifications including Mathematics, English Language and at least one of the Sciences which are all taught as separate individual subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) ensuring depth and breadth of study in preparation for excellence at A level. Other IGCSE subjects offered also include: Art & Design, Business, English Literature, Geography, History, ICT, Music, Physical Education and also Greek.

Greek is available at GCSE level in Key Stage 4 however our native Greek children will take their GCSE Greek qualification at the end of Key Stage 3 in Year 9 allowing them to follow AS level Greek in Year 10 and the full A level course in Year 11 ensuring they have an additional A level qualification before even embarking on their Sixth Form studies.

Our teaching is lively and challenging and we have passionate and committed teachers who are skilled at stimulating and stretching minds. In small IGCSE classes, the teachers really get to know the students and strengthen and develop their skills. In the classroom the emphasis is on discussion, debate, research and critical thinking. 

Form tutors provide a guiding hand in each child’s studies and ensure a child feels supported throughout their time at Aspire Private British School, often forming a strong home-school partnership through effective and consistent use of the school diary as well as regular reporting to parents through reports, meetings and the school online portal

Here are examples of the Key Stage 3 timetables:

Aspire Private British School Paphos Cyprus - y7 tt website
Aspire Private British School Paphos Cyprus - y8 tt website
Aspire Private British School Paphos Cyprus - Y9 tt for website

Here are examples of the Key Stage 4 timetables (10.1 – 10.5 and 11.1-11.5 indicate option subject choices):

Aspire Private British School Paphos Cyprus - y10 tt website
Aspire Private British School Paphos Cyprus - y11 tt for website